Landex – ‘Land Based Colleges Aspiring to Excellence’ is a subscriber organisation with 36 member Colleges and Universities in England and 3 Members in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. To qualify for membership the provider must deliver significant volumes of education and training in land based occupational areas.

As Chair of the Landex Higher Education Committee it is my great pleasure to introduce this website highlighting the wide range of applied research and knowledge exchange activities undertaken by Specialist Land Based Colleges and Universities across the UK. These institutions, all members of the Landex network, also have unique facilities that are featured in the following case studies.

Our research base helps support the land based industries in addressing the continuing challenges of food, water and energy security, pest and disease control and environmental sustainability. The need for innovation and improved technology to address these challenges remains a fundamental concern, and Landex members are well placed to deliver relevant solutions.

The website therefore provides a reference point for potential research partners and funders, and for strategic groups looking to engage in industry specific research and development work.

The land based industries are unique in benefitting from a network of specialist providers that:

  • Support and develop applied research communities;
  • Employ professional research staff with industry experience;
  • Build, manage and maintain large estates that can provide access to specialist commercial and educational resources;
  • Produce highly qualified graduates with the applied skills and knowledge to support research and knowledge transfer in their chosen fields.

The website is divided into three sections: Research with Impact; Specialist Staff and Resources; and Graduate Careers. It seeks to highlight the range of work that is undertaken in key land based sectors ranging from Agriculture and Viticulture to Equine and Wildlife Management. Each of the 23 case studies has been selected, by a specialist sub-committee, from a pool of 92 examples submitted by Landex members from around the country.

We hope that you find the case studies helpful and informative. Please let us know if you require any further information or wish to follow up on any of the examples provided here.

Dr David Llewellyn

Chair of the Landex Higher Education Committee