The Canine Therapy Centre (CTC) is a purposebuilt, state-of-the-art facility used to support the canine element of Writtle University College’s delivery on the MVetPhys, and MSc and BSc in Veterinary Physiotherapy. It includes a fully equipped indoor training and rehabilitation room and a hydrotherapy suite with heated pool and dog and human shower facilities. The centre allows students to develop their practical skills in working with canines in an environment that enables the development of their clinical competence. Importantly, students need to be industry ready and up to date with current techniques at the point of graduation. They need to have achieved basic ‘day one competences’ to allow them to stand alone and be respected as a professional. This includes the ability to talk to a variety of professionals and owners and adapt their conversational style accordingly, a skill that can only be developed in a real-life scenario. This is where the industry-ready CTC makes the difference. The advent of the CTC means that all facilities are now on one campus – a major factor in the programme’s attractiveness and success. Most importantly, the centre is representative of the workplace, in that it replicates a commercial referral centre in terms of facilities and equipment, thus ensuring that students develop appropriate work-ready skills. The centre will continue to support delivery of the Vet Physio courses, leading eventually to the introduction of a second phase of build (offices, classrooms, consulting rooms and a reception area) that will enable the centre to become a commercially viable veterinary referral unit.


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