The Food Innovation Service (FIS) based in Devon and Cornwall, was established to support food and drink based businesses in several areas of Research and Development including: new product development, small scale manufacturing, product concepts, off-line product samples, up-scaling of production, supplier days and value added staff training days. The food Innovation Service includes equipment and resources to support research in using equipment in a number of areas:

• 500 Litre per hour pasteuriser
• 3000psi Homogeniser
• Continuous ice-cream maker and batch pasteuriser
• Cheese vat
• Milk separator

• Bakers’ oven and proving cabinet
• Dough mixer and kneader
• Pastry sheeter/laminator

• Mincer
• Forming machine
• Bowl chopper
• Co-extruder
• Sausage stuffer
• Meat mixer

General Purpose
• Cooking kettle
• Steam combi oven
• Tray sealer
• Brat pan
• Planetary mixer
• Form-fill sealer
• Blast chiller
• Vacuum packer
• Semi-automatic filling machine

All our work is supported by a laboratory supplying analytical results for routine testing, trials and new product development including key indicators of nutritional status and important ‘hurdle’ parameters.

Staff have over 25 years’ experience in the food industry covering production, technical, analytical, training and compliance. Our graduates who have used the facilities are now applying their knowledge and skills in large businesses such as Samworth Brothers, Tulip Ltd and Ginsters.


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