Werner was awarded a first-class BSc (Hons) degree in Agriculture with Business from Writtle University College in 2007. He started working on a local broiler farm contracted to Grampian Country Food Group while at Writtle and entered into full-time employment with the group after completing his degree. Werner’s degree investigated how the welfare and performance of broilers are affected by stocking density. In his research, he showed that there is a direct correlation between stocking density and welfare issues such as foot-pad dermatitis and hock marking. Broilers in higher stocking density systems showed higher incidences of foot-pad dermatitis and hock marking than birds in lower stocking density systems, due to the fact that the litter conditions in higher stocked houses are harder to keep dry and friable. This was knowledge that Werner came to rely on in his future role as Area Manager for Grampian. After finishing his degree, Werner oversaw 10 broiler farms as Area Manager for the next four years. After a number of promotions , he became General Manager for Broilers in VION’s central and southern regions. He currently works as General Manager for broilers in central and southern regions for Hook2Sisters Ltd. The farms under his care supply around 1.8 million birds each week. In 2014, Werner was awarded a Nuffield Farming Scholarship, giving him the opportunity to undertake international research on a topic of his choice. His current research focuses on how other countries have managed to reduce the number of people affected by food poisoning from chicken by reducing the number of campylobacter-positive broiler flocks on farms. And the future? Werner says he’ll be looking to apply these findings for the benefit of flocks back in the UK.


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