Covering 71 hectares and with grazing rights to Mungrisedale Common, the National Centre for the Uplands grazes 700 ewes producing 850 lambs annually, and is the only uplands educational resource of its kind in the UK. Its modern facilities, part of Askham Bryan College, offer students the highest quality of modern hill-farming practice, combining high standards of animal welfare with the teaching of key skills that equip its graduates to diversify, modernise and increase the efficiency of their future work. Its connections with industry bring synergy between employers and educational provision, providing clear routes into apprenticeships, internships and ultimately employment through its supplychain employment and apprenticeship programme. It operates outreach centres in Newcastle and Middlesbrough and through its sister college Askham Bryan. Key curriculum areas include agriculture, veterinary nursing and animal management at lambing time. With up to 800 agricultural students across both colleges, the Centre is equipping employers with access to modern, high-quality training facilities and well-researched sheep-handling facilities to help create a stronger pool of emerging agricultural technicians and managers to choose from, ensuring that employees are work-ready and able to make a positive contribution to their place of work from day one. Alongside courses and training, the Centre also platforms various demonstration activities to showcase best practice and professional development for those working in uplands agriculture and sheep management, so building increased productivity and competitive advantage in the region.


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