The Research and Development phase of HAYGAIN Ltd began 9 years ago when the Directors of a company producing commercial clothes steamers had the idea of reducing dust in forage for horses by steaming it. A series of meetings between plastic manufacturers, boiler makers and scientists at the Royal Agricultural University soon produced the first custom-made high-temperature steamer that improved the hygienic quality of forage, by pushing high temperature steam into a fully strung bale of hay housed in a thermally insulated box.

Over the last 8 years every aspect of the steaming process ranging from temperature tests to detailed nutrient and bacteria profiling have been done on the post-steamed forage. Staff at RAU are passionate about improving the health and welfare of horses and working closely with the industry to find a solution to a practical problem has been very rewarding. Haygain steamers are used by top riders and trainers all over the world and are now recommended by vets as the method of choice for improving the respiratory health of stabled horses. RAU and Haygain have developed new collaborations with universities in USA and Switzerland who are working with PhD student Sam White on an exciting extension of the earlier studies investigating causes of allergic respiratory disease in horses.

Haygain continues to work closely with the RAU and several of our graduates now work for Haygain and so our relationship with this exciting forward-looking company continues.


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