Plumpton College’s Wine Centre is the only facility of its kind in the UK, offering education and training to students in wine production and business and also supporting the English and Welsh wine production industry and the UK wine trade. Its growing reputation as a centre for excellence in the last 20 years has brought students from as far afield as the USA, Korea, Hungary and South Africa to study with the only educational establishment in Europe delivering university courses on wine in the English language. Boasting a commercial winery with eight hectares of vineyards, research laboratories and extensive teaching facilities, the Centre’s future plans are to further develop its research profile and to build an international reputation for excellence through investment and international commercial partnerships. Its UK partners include the universities of Brighton, Lincoln, Exeter and East Anglia, and it enjoys commercial links with major international wine producers including Laithwaite’s, the Institut Oenologique de Champagne, Rathfinny Wine Estate, Campden BRI, Lallemand, CP Kelco and the Australian Wine Research Institute. Led by Chris Foss, who chairs the South East Vineyards Association, the English Wine Research & Development Group (EWRDG) and the Vineyards Managers’ Forum, the Centre also benefits from several high-profile members of staff with extensive industrial experience of the wine trade, particularly in Italy, Australia and London. The Centre is also a member of the Life+ European project ADVICLIM, which involves working with researchers in France, Germany, Spain and Romania.


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